How to measure your Kick Plate

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The first step to calculating the measurements of your Kick Plate is to measure the width of your door. This can be done by opening your door wide open, and using a tape measure to calculate the full width of the door. Now you have the measurement of your door width, you need to subtract 2 inches from the width of the door. For example, if your door was 44 Inches wide, you should remove 2 inches and be left with 42 Inches.This is the width you should have your kick plate. Having a gape at either side of the Kick Plate ensures that the door will close properly, and it also allows the design of the door to show at the edges of the Kick Plate which can provide a traditional touch.

To measure the height of the Kick Plate, you need to work out the height from the bottom of your door, to the first panel of your door. If your door doesn't have a decorative panel, you may skip to the next step. Using a tape measure, measure from the bottom of your door to the bottom of the first panel. Now you need to subtract 1 Inch from the total. This will allow half an Inch on both the top and bottom of the Kick Plate. For example, if the distance from the bottom of your door to the bottom of the first panel was 7 Inches, you would subtract 1 Inch and be left with 6 Inches.

Not every door has panels or inserts, which could make it difficult when deciding the height of your Kick Plate.

  • For a standard sized door, it is recommended to go for a 6 Inch tall Kick Plate.
  • For a large sized door, it is recommended to go for an 8 Inch tall Kick Plate. 


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