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We also supply Kick Plates in other finishes that may be unique for a Kick Plate. We supply other kick plates in strong plastic, both clear and solid hewi and we also supply 5 bar tread plates. Plastic Kick Plates are perfect if you are installing them in a hospital or a school. They look good and are easy on the eye.

We also have a 5 bar tread kick plate which is perfect for a warehouse or a kitchen. This blade is limited to a thickness of 2.0mm, which is rather thick for a kick plate. This makes it ideal for locations such as Kitchens as there will be a lot of things that could cause corrosion. This plate will resist corrosive chemicals.

Solid Hewi Plastic Kick Plate
Made to Order
Brand: Hewi Model: SHPKP
Solid Hewi Plastic kick plates are a favourite for business locations and modern homes. All Solid Hewi kick plates come with self adhesive backing as standard.The finishes are durable, efficient and can endure any element with style...
Clear Plastic Kick Plate
Made to Order
Brand: Plastic Model: CPKP
These kick plates are suitable for a child frienly environment. This material has a professional and modern feel, while maintaining durable features. This is the ideal plate for providing a discreet look while protecting the door it's installed on.Please note, self-adhesive backing is NOT recommende..
2.0mm 5 Bar Tread Plate Kick Plate
Made to Order
Brand: 5 Bar Thread Model: TPKP
The 5 bar tread kick plate is a favourite in commercial buildings, storage rooms and kitchens. They have a durable finish, that strikes a unique feel for any purpose...
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