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26 Mar What Is a Kick Plate?
George 100 5113
A Kick Plate is a piece of metal that is installed on the bottom of a door. The main purpose of a Kick Plate is to protect the material of the door against weathering, dirt and being kicked. A Kick Plate is designed to be installed on a ‘push’ door as these are the doors that are commonly kicked open when the user might be carrying something with b..
26 Mar What Are Mop & Trolley Plates?
George 24 3769
Mop PlatesKick plates have more uses than just protecting against dirty shoes. Sometimes, your Kick Plate will become extremely useful at protecting your door from more than just being kicked. In an environment like a Kitchen, a Kick Plate can be very useful when protecting against a mop. You can select your Kick Plate so it’s not as tall as a stan..
26 Mar Unique Uses for Your Kick Plate
George 13 2614
Kick Plates don’t always have to be installed onto a door to protect them, but they can also be used for a wider range of applications, including flooring, wall protection, vehicle walling and flooring and kitchens.One popular function for our tread plates is that they are often used as flooring and walling in the back of vans and in commercial kit..
26 Mar Top 5 Functions Of A Kick Plate
George 4 7466
To most, the function of a kick plate is to protect the material of your door from getting damaged, and well… you’re right. That’s what a kick plate is for. However, there are also many other reasons why somebody might invest in a kick plate.Function 1We’ll talk about the one mentioned above, as it is the most important and most common reasons why ..
26 Mar Stainless Steel Plates Explained
George 4 6549
At, we sell Stainless Steel and Aluminium Kicking plates. As you may, or may not have noticed, if you’ve ever looked at buying a Stainless Steel or Aluminium Kick Plate, you will be provided the opportunity to select a Grade of the material. Each grade of material is different and will have a massive effect on the efficiency of ..
26 Mar Our MarXman Hole Marking Tool Pen
George 2 2904
Marxman Standard is the ideal penetrating sidekick to swiftly mark the hole you are drilling to create a perfect drill hole mark . By pushing Marxman into your settling openings it conveys a burst of splendid chalk through the gap onto the mounting surface obviously demonstrating where you have to bore your gap. This is perfect for helping you dril..
26 Mar Our Custom Kick and Push Plates
George 0 1356
Here at, we have a custom web application to allow you to generate the perfect sized kick plate for your application, we create a smooth shopping experience for buying custom kick plates. Our range is massive we have Aluminium, Stainless, Brass, Copper, Bronze Plastic available. The web application allows you..
26 Mar How To Measure Your Kick Plate
George 0 5336
The first step to calculating the measurements of your Kick Plate is to measure the width of your door. This can be done by opening your door wide open and using a tape measure to calculate the full width of the door. Now you have the measurement of your door width, you need to subtract 2 inches from the width of the door. For example, if your door..
26 Mar How to Install a Kick Plate
George 2 2168
How to Install a Kick PlateThe purpose of a Kick Plate is to provide aesthetic qualities as well as increase the durability of the door. We provide you with an immense variety of styles and colours to add a perfect finishing touch to doors either at home or in the workplace. This guide will explain how to work out what Kick Plate size you require, ..
26 Mar How To Improve The Look of Your Door
George 0 1055
A kick plate isn’t the only feature of an exterior door that makes it look beautiful. To be honest, in my opinion, I think that a door with nothing but a kick plate looks kind of boring. You need features that complement the kick plate. By installing something such as a door knocker or door handle that matches the finish of your kick plate, a reall..
26 Mar How To Clean Stainless Steel Kick Plates & Stainless Steel Push Plates
George 1 3052
There are a few different methods that can be used to clean stainless steel, but the method you choose all depends on what you’re actually cleaning. Stainless steel will almost never rust or corrode, so what kind of things need cleaning? Unfortunately, stainless steel is prone to scratches and stains such as dirt, dust and grime. These types of sta..
26 Mar How to Clean Brass Kick Plate & Brass Push Plates
George 234 7587
A good start to cleaning your Brass Kick Plate would be to remove as much dirt as possible through basic cleaning with a dry cotton rag. This quick clean makes future cleaning more efficient. Once you have rubbed down the Kick Plate, use a Vacuum or sweep the area around the floor where you just cleaned the Kick Plate. This prevents dirt from getti..
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