A Kick Plate is a piece of metal that is installed on the bottom of a door. The main purpose of a Kick Plate is to protect the material of the door against weathering, dirt and being kicked. A Kick Plate is designed to be installed on a ‘push’ door as these are the doors that are commonly kicked open when the user might be carrying something with both hands. Depending on the finish, some Kick Plates are better than others at certain tasks; for example, a Stainless-Steel Kick Plate in marine grade will be a lot more resistant to water and chemicals than a brass Kick Plate.

A Kick Plate can also be used for other purposes, such as adding an aesthetic touch to your home or office. With the right finish and material, a Kick Plate can add that finishing touch that you’ve always been missing. Brass is a very common finish to have installed in a home as it will match perfectly with most types of wooden doors.

Our Kick Plates can be fully customised, and you get the option to choose the size, screws or adhesive backing, finish and whether you want rounded or square corners. All of our Kick Plates are manufactured in England.

With the availability to customise the size of your Kick Plate, there are a lot of options available for using Kick Plates for a different purpose. A mop plate is ideal in a Kitchen and it will protect against the chemicals used when mopping up. These are kick Plates at the bottom of a door or wall, but they’re not quite as tall as a standard Kick Plate as they’re only designed to protect against the chemicals from mopping up. A trolley plate is perfect when you’re pushing trolleys and portable tables around the building. They’re extremely useful in a school or hospital. These plates are a lot taller and will take up half the door.