A good start to cleaning your Brass Kick Plate would be to remove as much dirt as possible through basic cleaning with a dry cotton rag. This quick clean makes future cleaning more efficient. Once you have rubbed down the Kick Plate, use a Vacuum or sweep the area around the floor where you just cleaned the Kick Plate. This prevents dirt from getting in the way of wash rags later in the cleaning process.

Soap and Water

The next step is to add warm water and soap to a bucket. Take the bucket to the door where the Kick Plate is installed.

Using a soft sponge, wipe the Kick Plate thoroughly. Once wiping the Kick Plate once, dip the sponge back into the water and clean the Kick Plate again. Once the Kick Plate looks clean, dry the plate using a cloth towel.

How to restore the shine

Mix three teaspoons of salt into a pint bottle of white vinegar. Mix the salt into the point that it dissolves.

This is ideal if used in a bottle with a spray cap as you can spray it straight onto the Plate.

Now, spray the salty vinegar over the brass and allow it to sit for approximately 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, wipe the Plate with a damp sponge and then dry with a towel.

Polishing the Plate

You can polish the Plate by wiping it down with linseed oil or mineral oil that has been applied to a soft cloth.