Mop Plates

Kick plates have more uses than just protecting against dirty shoes. Sometimes, your Kick Plate will become extremely useful at protecting your door from more than just being kicked. In an environment like a Kitchen, a Kick Plate can be very useful when protecting against a mop. You can select your Kick Plate so it’s not as tall as a standard one, and the purpose can be specifically for protection against mops. Stainless steel is the ideal plate for protection against mops, as mops will often have a sufficient number of chemicals on them. Stainless steel will resist against these chemicals.

Trolley Plates

Kick Plates can also be used to protect doors against much larger threats, such as the trolley. In locations, such as schools and hospitals, there will be wheeled trolleys all over the place, and quick access through push doors will be required. A trolley will often bump straight into a door, and slowly chip away the material of the door; especially if it’s wood. A Trolley Plate is a significantly taller plate than a standard Kick Plate, and it will protect against trolleys and taller objects.