To most, the function of a kick plate is to protect the material of your door from getting damaged, and well… you’re right. That’s what a kick plate is for. However, there are also many other reasons why somebody might invest in a kick plate.

Function 1

We’ll talk about the one mentioned above, as it is the most important and most common reasons why somebody would invest in a kick plate. The main function of a kick plate is to protect the material of your door from taking damage off feet. The purpose is that if your hands are full, you will most likely open your door by kicking it in, hence the name kick plate. Shoes are often dirty and can contain stones and other things that could potentially damage your door.

Function 2

This is similar to the first point, but another function of Kick Plates is that they can be used in commercial areas where the traffic going through the door is significantly higher than in a home. You’re a lot more likely to see a kick plate installed in a warehouse, shop or restaurant than in a home. They’re a lot more common in commercial areas because you’re more likely to be carrying something that requires two hands. In a warehouse, you could be carrying large, heavy items or even a trolley so your instinct is to kick the door open rather than put everything down to open it with your hands.

Function 3

If you have a kick plate installed in your home, then there’s a great chance that you bought it because it served a purpose of just looking good and improving the look of your home. When installed correctly with matching accessories, such as door handles and numbers then a kick plate can look incredible and just nice to look at. It can make your home stand out from the rest on your street, especially if the rest of your doorway looks good.

Function 4

In the home, kick plates protect against more than just dirty shoes. If you’ve got kids then you might often find some toys laying around next to your door. If the door is opened when that toy is there then the material might get scratched. Pets (dogs especially) are even worse. Not all, but most dogs will scratch on your doors and maybe even chew the bottom corner of your door…I know mine does. Every time anybody leaves the house, the dog starts biting the bottom of the door. After 12 years of it, there’s practically an entire corner missing. A kick plate would have prevented this from happening.

Function 5

Another purpose is to protect your wall. Yes, that’s right…a kick plate can be installed on your wall. It’s not common for a kick plate to be installed in your living room or bedroom, however in a kitchen a kick plate can serve a very important purpose. You can have a very small kick plate on the bottom of walls to protect your wall against mops and all the chemicals. For this to be effective, it would have to be stainless steel to ensure it lasts a long time.