Kick Plates don’t always have to be installed onto a door to protect them, but they can also be used for a wider range of applications, including flooring, wall protection, vehicle walling and flooring and kitchens.

One popular function for our tread plates is that they are often used as flooring and walling in the back of vans and in commercial kitchens. The look of the plate, and the resistance to weather makes them ideal to be used in these sorts of conditions. As well as looking good, they provide excess protection to the surface behind.

Another use for Kick Plates is for adding an additional touch to your Kitchen or Bathroom. You may often see Kick Plates installed under work surfaces in a kitchen at home. These are installed here to protect the surface from being accidentally kicked or having accidental food/water stains on them. By installing a kick plate, you are increasing the protection of your kitchen surfaces while increasing the aesthetics of your kitchen. Kick Plates can also be used in your bathroom at the bottom of your walls. A stainless-steel plate is ideal for resistance against the water, but depending on the current look of your bathroom a copper plate can increase the look of your bathroom.

Kick plates can even be used in your bedroom and installed at the bottom of drawers. The main purpose of installing a kick plate in a bedroom would purely be for aesthetics. A brass or copper Kick Plate can transform rooms into looking warm, cosy and homely. It could be the finishing touch you’ve been searching for!