Marxman Standard is the ideal penetrating sidekick to swiftly mark the hole you are drilling to create a perfect drill hole mark . By pushing Marxman into your settling openings it conveys a burst of splendid chalk through the gap onto the mounting surface obviously demonstrating where you have to bore your gap. This is perfect for helping you drill the correct hole when installing your new Kick Plate, get a perfect line up when marking your drill holes.

Marxman Hole Marking Tool

The Marxman hole marking tool is the perfect tool for any toolbox, whether you use it on regular projects or a few times a year, it is always handy to have it nearby. The Marxman allows you to mark screw holes with the push of a pen. This has been an issue for decades for tradesman everywhere. Havoc and chaos have been the theme of marking holes for all these years. The Marxman pen removes the stress in marking holes, and makes the task simple and easy; even for one person.

The Marxman comes in two versions. These are the Marxman 1-1, and the Marxman 1-2. The most notable difference is the colour, but that’s irrelevant. The Marxman 1-1 will only work up to 45mm, so if you are pressing the pen at a distance over 45mm then it won’t work. On the other hand, the Marxman 1-2 will only work properly above 45mm. If purchasing the Marxman, be sure to purchase the correct one for the job – or both.

How Does it Work?

Simple, shake the pen. Push the nozzle into the fixing hole and then push the pen.

If you’re marking the hole onto a ceiling, then point it into downwards position first and then towards the ceiling.

Extra Information

The Marxman is manufactured in Britain, and it uses non-toxic materials and ingredients. This means that it has a very low impact on global warming throughout the manufacturing process. The Marxman comes in two variations. The 1-1 which works up to 45mm, and the 1-2 which works over 45mm. Each Marxman pen will last for approximately 250 uses.